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  • Do I have to order now?
    There are several important reasons to order on or before your in-school ORDER DAY. First, you will SAVE $10.00 on your cap & gown, just by ordering on time. Ordering on-time ensures that you will receive the best prices and largest selection of products customized for your class and school. You will also receive your *pre-delivered items right away, so you can wear them throughout your senior year. Keep in mind that orders placed after the in-school Order Day will be subject to additional shipping charges, late fees, and price increases throughout the year. You can order your graduation products ANY TIME prior to graduation, but items will be subject to availability, price increases, and additional shipping as needed. Pricing will be more expensive for late orders in the spring- so to save everyone time & money, it is important to order now. Please take some time to review this information and get your order placed.
  • Do I have to pay for it now?
    Yes. Payment is required to place an order. You can pay by cash, credit or debit card, or check or money order, payable to Moments with Class. We will have a credit card terminal at the school on order day to collect payment. Packages listed on the order form show the minimum deposit required on those packages, if you need to break up the payments. The cap and gown must be paid for in full to receive the $10 discount. All *pre-delivered merchandise must be paid in full at the time of the order. If you need to make alternative payment arrangements, contact our office prior to order day to review your options.
  • When will I receive my order?
    Orders placed on time (on or before the Order Day, printed on the front of your packet) will receive ALL *pre-delivered products at the school, on Order Day. The Caps & Gowns and Herff Jones Fine Paper products will be delivered at the school, in the spring. Please note: Orders that are not picked up on delivery day due to a remaining balance will be subject to additional fees & shipping charges. Orders placed after Order Day will be subject to additional shipping charges, late fees, and price increases throughout the year. You can order your graduation products ANY TIME prior to graduation, but items will be subject to availability, price increases, and additional shipping as needed.
  • What am I required to order?
    Your school requires you to wear a uniform cap, gown, and tassel. Moments with Class is your source for this and other items. You can SAVE $10 off the price of your cap & gown unit by ordering on or before the in-school order date printed on the front of your catalog. For convenience, the cap, gown, tassel unit is included in ALL of our packages, along with other popular items. If you do plan to wear a previously worn gown, please contact our office immediately or come and see us on your in-school Order Day. We would like to confirm that you have the current color and fabric as well as determine your need for a current memory tassel and/or graduation cap.
  • Should I order Graduation Announcements?
    YES! This is a custom announcement designed especially for your graduating class. This special achievement should be shared with family, friends, neighbors, and others that are important to you. We like to call these “money cards” because the more that you send out, the more checks you receive back in Congratulations on your Graduation! Moments TIP: Remember to order Namecards along with your announcements, because the announcements themselves do not have the student’s name included.
  • Who do I send Graduation Announcements to?
    This is a custom announcement designed especially for your graduating class. This special achievement should be shared with family, friends, neighbors, and others that are important to you. Your parents’ Christmas card list is a good place to start.
  • When should I send out announcements?
    Proper etiquette suggests mailing them two to three weeks prior to graduation if it is being sent as an invitation to the ceremony or a graduation party. If it is being used simply to announce the accomplishment of graduation, it is still proper to send it up to 2 weeks after the ceremony.
  • Can I still order a Class Ring?
    Absolutely! Celebrate your time in high school with a class ring! There should be ring packets available in your school office, or you can browse and design your ring online, at Please see us on order day, whether you are ready to order or not, so that we can size your finger for your ring! We have some special package pricing, starting at $199.95 for a senior ring. And as a senior, your ring is automatically rushed to be completed in about 5-6 weeks. Please call our office or visit our website if you have any questions.
  • How do I pay a remaining balance?
    Orders placed with a remaining balance must be paid in full by February 1st. Please provide us your email addresses, so that we may send you a reminder with your balance due. Your order receipt will serve as your notice and the Order # on the form will be needed to make payments online. NO CHECKS will be accepted after February 1st. Payments can be made online at, online via emailed invoice, or in person, at our office. *The school will NOT accept orders or payments. Accounts paid after February 1st may also be subject to additional fees/shipping charges.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    First of all, PLAN TO GRADUATE! Waiting to see what happens is not a positive outlook and we encourage you instead to strive for success. Your products will cost you more in the spring due to late fees & shipping than if you order on time. That being said, if a student does not participate in the graduation for any reason, you can request a refund on any undelivered, non-personalized product. We do require notification by the student/parent, prior to graduation. We will email you a Refund Request Form, which must be completed and sent back to our office prior to your school’s graduation. Please note that products are not transferable from one year to another. Pre-delivered and personalized items, as well as any handling, processing, and late fees, are non-refundable. If the student takes possession of the Senior Graduation order, despite graduation status, all items are non-refundable. No refund requests will be accepted after graduation day. In some cases, refunds may be subject to a cancellation fee. All refund requests will be processed after June 15th and checks will be mailed home by June 30th.
  • What is your exchange policy?
    Because of the way graduation orders are placed, processed, and delivered - we do not offer exchanges on product once a student or parent has taken possession of it. Please inspect your pre-delivered items to make sure that you ordered the right size before you take it home. At the in-school Order Day, we will have most items available on-hand for exchange, if you need to swap sizes.
  • Is it better to order online or at the school?
    The important thing is to order on time. Whichever method you prefer to order with is completely fine. The prices are the same. You'll also get delivery the same - at the school on Order Day. (Online orders are not shipped to the home unless requested for a shipping fee.) If you really want to be able to see samples of these items, touch and feel them - we will have these items available for that on your in-school Order Day. If you have more questions and would like our assistance walking through your paper order form - your in-school Order Day is the time to order. Our team will be there to guide you, answer questions, show you samples, and to size fingers for class rings.
  • When is the last possible date I can order?
    Please do not procrastinate. You can order ANY time. BUT... the longer you wait, the more it will cost. It really is that simple of a formula. Order early and save money. We do guarantee all Graduation Orders to be fulfilled by graduation, even if you wait until the last minute. But those orders will cost a lot more than they do now. Prepare to Graduate. Place your Graduation order now.
  • Can I drop off my order form at my school?
    NO. The school office will not accept orders or payments. Please do not involve the school office in your order with Moments with Class. Although your school office is very helpful, they have other matters to attend to and they rely on Moments with Class to take care of this for them.
  • How do I pay for my order?
    If you are ordering online, you'll be asked for your credit/debit card information at checkout. Placing an order at the school on a paper order form allows you to pay with cash, check, Apple Pay, or credit/debit card. We will have payment terminals at the school for secure checkout. Paying via cash or credit/debit is preferred. If you would rather send a check with your child to school on Order Day, the check should be made out to Moments with Class. *Do not make checks out to the school or send your orders or payments to the school office. We can only take these at school ON the in-school ORDER DAY.
  • How will I know about order days, delivery days, and deadlines?"
    We have attempted to collect your email addresses and cell phone numbers in an effort to make sure you know exactly when we will be at your school for delivery of class rings and graduation products. The school generally sends out communications of these dates, as well. If you have not received an email from us reminding you of order day, please check your junk mail folder or CLICK HERE to be added to our mailing list. We promise not to bombard your Inbox. We will only send you emails as notifications & reminders for upcoming events for your student!
  • Do you offer suits & tuxedos for Homecoming & Prom?
    YES! Our sister company, Moments Tux Shop, has the LARGEST SELECTION of suits & tuxedos in the Quad City area and beyond! Ask a representative for some "Tux Bux" and save money on your next rental! Visit the Tux Shop online at or stop in to Moments Tux Shop, on State Street in Bettendorf to see the largest showroom of suits & tuxes on display by far!
  • Can I order for more than one student on my order?
    No, each student must have their own, individual order. You cannot combine students on to a single order. Moments with Class keeps track of the entire graduating class, for the school, to determine who has ordered their graduation uniform and who has not. We need to make sure we know that each graduating senior has their cap, gown & tassel for the big day!
  • Can I use an older siblings gown?
    It depends. First, you need to determine if they are similar enough in size. The gowns are different every two inches in height, so if your kids are not the same size - the gown should not be utilized. Please contact our office to determine if this is an option for you. We will need to know the school and the age of the gown to determine if you have the correct fabric and color. You may also still need to purchase a cap and tassel or at least the current Memory Tassel for this year. Ordering a new cap, gown, & tassel unit is usually the most cost effective, if you do it early.
  • Do I need an account to order?
    No. You do NOT need to set up an account to order a class ring or graduation products. The Members Only page is set up for use only by school administration and products on it are not available to the public. To place an order, visit and click on the logo for your school.
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